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Project Overview

Local Solutions Charity has an established project called Mytime, amongst its portfolio serving some of the most vulnerable children and adults in the community. The Mytime project has gained a high profile for successfully matching carers with break giving organisations willing to offer free breaks in and around the Liverpool city region. The issue was how to scale the initiative and help it become sustainable without commissioner funding.

What We Did

With a resident Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, we identified an RSA grant that could resource a co-designed and researched digital solution. We won an RSA grant of £10k. We also accessed the Hitch Fund, revenue donated by Hitch Marketing to fund social innovation projects, to make the project possible.

After a brief appearance on BBC North West to celebrate the initiative, we have undertaken the insight phase. This involved a desk study and interviews with stakeholders, including staff, carers, break-givers, social care commissioners and digital tech experts. We are currently in the development phase, where we are creating the wireframe for a digital platform to simplify and automate administrative processes to generate additional capacity and tools for Mytime hubs, as they establish around the UK. The pilot launch is due to happen later this year.


Kimberley Staines – Engagement Manager, RSA “We’re pleased to be supporting MyTime’s work empowering carers to seek breaks from their critical work of caregiving. This is an important initiative addressing working structures and health and well-being and we look forward to the platform’s future development with the help of the RSA Catalyst Award.” 

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